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Equipping Christian Leaders in Lebanon and the Middle East

We are beginning a new important campaign, aimed to be completed, Lord Willing, by December 2026 with the blessings of the Lord. This project hopes to make a significant impact by translating, printing, and distributing five crucial books on practical and theological training for Christian workers in Lebanon and several Middle Eastern countries. 

These books will play a vital role in equipping and empowering numerous local Christian workers across various Arabic-speaking nations. We kindly request your prayers and support for this important endeavor. The total budget required for this campaign is $94,000. 

This will include fees for translations, editing, printing, and distribution costs for all needed books. 

May the Lord use this campaign for His Glory, and we deeply appreciate your prayers and generosity. 

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Our newest book releasing later this year

Launched at the end of 2022, we began this campaign in order to raise resources for the difficult winter season where many have been faced without electricity and heat. This is a project we hope to continue funding through the rest 0f 2023. 



A campaign aimed at providing food and ministry outreach to homes in the Beqaa Valley and surrounding neighborhoods.
In 2022, we were able to reach almost 5,000 families and feed over 25,000 people with previous donations. Please help us and consider donating to continue this ministry. 



In the last three years as Lebanon has suffered it’s worst crippling economical and political situations, pushing 90% of the Lebanese into deep chaos and poverty. During these years the Lord gave us the opportunity to help many thousands of families with the living bread campaigns and the gospel. 

Many have accepted the Lord Jesus as their Lord and Savior and have become active members of a sound Biblical church. Today, we see the fields ready for a larger harvest and the doors of opportunity still widely open for our full-time workers.

At this point we have six full time workers in Lebanon, with plans to increase them to eight by the grace of our Lord, and your generous giving.




Our First Day of Prayer began in 1990, where we felt moved to pray for Lebanon in the midst of the end of it's Civil War.

Since then, we have been blessed to organize over 30 annual prayer meetings, up until 2020. Praying for Lebanon, other countries in the Middle East, as well as the USA. We are continuing in 2023 through monthly meetings. Please join us. 

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