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Prayer Group

A Christian 501c3 serving Lebanon and
the Middle East through Christ's Love


LPG is a nondenominational Christian 501(c)(3) organization that provides prayer support to numerous ministries in the United States and in the Middle East as well as discipleship and biblical material for training since 1995.

We do this through various operations namely starting with the ongoing International Days of Prayer for the Middle East and United States, which invite churches worldwide to pray and be informed about the needs and blessings occurring in these regions. The events continue throughout the year and across the globe.

Several missionaries have been sent through this ministry and support is ongoing to many churches throughout the Middle East— most especially throughout the country of Lebanon as the needs there have been many in recent years.


We are gifting THOUSANDS of food and gospel-material packages to families across Lebanon, in the aftermath of the ongoing Lebanese Economic crash. Help Us meet our 2022 Goal of $100,000


Help Us Reach Our Goal of $50,000 to help provide Lebanon with fuel for home heating, cooking, and internet access.

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